Q1. Is it necessary for someone to be onsite when the container is being dropped off?
A1. It is preferred, but not necessary to have someone onsite for the delivery or pick up of your container.Our drivers will use their best judgement when dropping the container. When ordering please be specific on where you would like the container placed.

Q2. How many tons can I put in the container?
A2. Materials such as concrete, bricks and dirt can be very heavy and exceed the weight limit for public roadways. Please do not overload containers. Please contact our office @ 973 979-9530 and advise if any of these items will be placed in your container.

Q3. How will I be billed it the container weight is over the aloud tonage limit?
A3. On your initial order we will ask for a credit card to keep on file. Your credit card will be billed each ton over the allowed limit. Prices varies by county. This price will be communicated to you upon ordering.
Q4. How much weight equals a ton?
A4. 2000 lbs.

Q5. What are my payment options?
A5. Sorce Carting accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover. You can also pay the driver cash, but will also need a credit card on file for any overages on the weight limit after we dump the container.

Q6. Will the container damage my driveway?
A6. Our trucks that are used for delivery plus the weight of the container could be extremely heavy. It is highly recommended that a 4×8 sheet of plywood or 2×12 planks be placed under the 4 container wheels to insure no indentations are made however if the customer confirms that their property can hold the weight of all trucks and containers, the customer will be responsible for any damages made to their property. Our trucks weigh approximately 16 tons and our containers weigh 2 to 3 tons empty. Sorce Carting shall not be responsible for any damages to customers property.

Q7. Do I need a permit to place the container on the street or on my property?
A7. Please check with your local municipalities as permits are often required.

Q8. Can we load the container past the side walls?
A8. NO containers cannot be loaded past the side walls. Any container that is over loaded is subject to additional charges or the overloaded items will taken out of the container and left on site.If you are not sure what size container you need please ask for our assistance. When in doubt order the larger container.

Q9. How many days could I keep the container
A9. Standard rental term is one week unless prior approval was authorized.

Q10. What if I am finished with the container before the week is up.
A10. Call our office to arrange for a pick up. You don’t want to keep the container any longer than you have to because if it rains or snows on top of it this could cause it to exceed the weight limit and incur additional charges also if the container is on the street other people sometimes put their trash in them.

Q11. What can’t I put in a container
A11.Paint,items that contain Freon or gas(refrigerators,air conditioners)tires,drums,toxic
chemicals,hazardous materials,asbestos,chemical barrels,propane tanks,motor oil, dirt and concrete(unless authorized by our office). Please contact our office if you are not sure about any items.

Q12. Is there a discount if I only put metal in the container.
A12. Yes please contact our office and a separate price will be quoted